This is to give a flavour of the work a Cllr undertakes over two weeks in January 2020.

Someone said recently she didn’t think Cllrs did anything! So Cllr Jenkins has provided a diary to give you a flavour of the varied life of a councillor.

A lot is individual casework which we can’t identify for reasons of confidentiality but other issues affect smaller areas of the community.

 The Inner East Community Committee and the Police PACT meetings cover the whole area but are not well attended by residents.

 In our first 22 months as new Councillors we have tried to meet the objectives we set ourselves to work with people to deal with issues in the community.

 Some issues relate to 10 years of austerity causing many families to have to struggle with the measures in welfare reform such as Universal Credit which have led to increasing use of food banks and for others the stress of coping leading to mental ill health.

We realise that it takes time to solve many of the issues raised by our constituents, for example:

  • The Gate pub is going to be demolished but it has taken over a year..
  • Dealing with the problem of motor bikes will take further efforts..
  • The issues concerning Kingsdale Court in Boggart Hill are complicated with problems of ownership by different landlords and leaseholders and tenants are living in poor circumstances.
  • Anti-social behaviour is a universal problem which can move around the area.

 Ongoing issues

Anti Social Behaviour in Crossgates and at ASDA – meeting on 28th January at Travellers Rest at 6.00

Beechwood School  – Parking on Kentmere Avenue

Ambition Strata and police meeting arranged for February 5th

Serene Timeless and Parklands fields and Keep Moat – works being completed

Flytipping all over and new waste strategy

Ombudsman case re Bungalows on South Parkway

Ombudsman case re child with cystic fibrosis and education.

Toucan crossing at York Road/Stocks Rise

Kingsdale Court – survey of residents affected and rehousing of vulnerable..

The Gate demolition and development starts 3/2/20

Boggart Hill Shops improvement starts 10/2/20

Blacks shops –  link road issues and planning.

Seacroft Sharks funding and Keep Moat for junior teams

Seacroft Colts development – replacement of container burnt down in fire

Motor Bikes video to distribute in schools – being edited

Fearnville Sports centre consultation and redevelopment

Boggart Hill Priority Neighbourhood – partnership working

Kentmere Community Centre – support to Nurture at Kentmere.. and the centre generally

Denis Healey Centre  – refurbished and developing activities

Murton Close Ginnel closure – last stages of the process after 20 years waiting…

Work with LS14 Trust on community development in the ward inc support for Lauren the new apprentice worker.

Supporting projects from the Housing Advisory panel funding

Development of Killingbeck Police Station – liaison with Housing and Planning.

Resourcing funding for projects from the housing developments in Seacroft through S106 and CIL money.

Protecting green spaces from quad and motor  bikes and cars.

Casework involves talking to the person, sometimes visiting at home and then writing usually by email seeking solutions or referring for help from another agency.

Pensions divestment from West Yorkshire Pension Board WYPB : David is a member- ongoing lobbying to divest from Fossil Fuels

West Yorkshire Fire Authority member – looking at issues such as budgets and Grenfell.

Issues  6/1/20 

  1. West Yorkshire Pension Board  – WYPB divestment from fossil fuels planning meeting in Huddersfield
  2. Fly tipping issue from residents.
  3. Constituent with problems with pests.
  4. Reroofing problem with family..visited and resolved with repairs team and referred to Leeds Irish Health and Homes for help.
  5. Schooling problem for child with disabilities. Case with Ombudsman.
  6. Trees being felled. Checked with Planning
  7. Concerns about transport planning
  8. Planning for the extra care home in Seacroft Crescent
  9. Update on yellow box markings on York Road near the entrance to the Kudos and Timeless Seacroft Hospital development. Follows meetings with new residents in the Autumn.
  10. Referral to Green Doctor  for a residents problem with fuel poverty.
  11. Request to West Yorkshire Combined Authority for information on damage to bus shelters in our ward.



  1. Issues of Speeding on Crossgates Road …ongoing problem.. liaising with police and highways
  2. Meeting with officers and Chair of West Yorkshire Pension Board in Bradford concerning divestment from fossil fuels as part of the climate emergency.
  3. Repairs issue for door in council property. Referral to green doctor for fuel poverty issues for tenant.
  4. Green Bin needed for Barbers shop.. referred to officer
  5. Pothole on Blencarn View – referred to Keep Moat and S38 team.
  6. Heating being replaced at Denis Healey centre
  7. Dropped kerb issue on Blencarn View : it costs £41 to apply from the council.
  8. Visited one of the shops on Crossgates Road re ASB
  9. Visited Seacroft Friends and Neighbours re premises
  10. Rehousing case for family
  11. Health and access to GP problem
  12. Asked if some of the equipment at Fearnville Sports Centre can be recycled when it is developed.
  13. Request from a school for help for a homeless family.


  1. Bins issue on Killingbeck Drive. Reported
  2. Speeding on Kentmere Avenue.
  3. Repairs issue in Council property
  4. Repairs issue in council property
  5. Tour of Seacroft with the Community Officer at ASDA to look at funding opportunities…visited Beechwood and Seacroft WMC’s, Kentmere and Denis Healey centre etc.
  6. Attended Police PACT meeting 5 residents  2 police officers and 3 Cllrs.


  1. Rehousing case
  2. Attended Environment and housing Scrutiny Board which discussed Financial inclusion – in which I raised issues around Universal credit and work in Priority Neighbourhoods.
  3. Case of ASB raised by mother of a tenant – referred to Housing.
  4. Report of potholes on Foundry Mill Drive – reported to Highways..
  5. Request from Leeds Gymnastics Club to attend their Gym Fest fund-raiser and publicise it.
  6. Request for help from DIAL Disability Advice project based at Denis Healey Centre.


  1. Attended radio play about Eugenics and Meanwood Park Hospital at Chapel FM
  2. Ongoing casework..
  3. Issue raised about cycle racks at shops in Seacroft – referred to cycling team in Council


  1. Surgeries at Crossgates Library and Compton Centre with MP  – 6 out of 18 cases from our ward. Various issues.
  2. Surgery at Seacroft Community Hub 3 cases.
  3. Visit to Youth Club at DHC run by SCOT Community Group.
  4. Visit to Serene Housing development on York Road to look at fencing issue.


  1. Writing up casework


  1. Green bin not emptied – referred to Refuse – bin not emptied as contaminated by glass bottles placed by passers-by..
  2. Asked about selective licensing for Kingsdale Court but officers say was considered but inappropriate and too expensive and lengthy.
  3. Bins issue for a Keep Moat resident
  4. Youth worker asking about the meeting at Crossgates re ASB
  5. Case of planning enforcement and storage of cars on driveway.
  6. Issues re police matter and effects on  local school
  7. Vulnerable Tenant rang re council tax problem – resolved
  8. Numerous issued raised re bins and properties in the Inglewoods


  1. Question by constituent about planting an Orchard in a nature reserve – Arthurs Rein.
  2. Attended the Affordable Warmth Committee of the Council where I presented a request to include water poverty in the strategy  which was agreed.
  3. Visit to Seacroft Friends and Neighbours to discuss the new staff who have been appointed and work around frailty for their 1000 clients!! Still questions about the future of Seacroft Clinic and the Urgent Treatment Centre. Emailed Council officer and a GP and the CCG.
  4. Attended Seacroft Grange Primary School Governors evening to prepare for a likely OFSTED inspection later in the school year.


  1. Attended Ward members meeting to update us on work of officers in the Council and discuss issues.
  2. Attended meeting of the users committee of Denis Healey centre
  3. Attended Full Council  from 12.20 to 7.30 pm. Katie made a speech about activities in the Ward.
  4. On the way home we went to the Bingo session at DHC and took up two cases for two tenants.


  1. Wrote up the two cases and contacted social care and asb team
  2. Boggart Hill Priority Neighbourhoods meeting.
  3. Meeting at Blacks shops with 3 residents and officers from Planning, S38 and Highways to discuss the link road and disability access to the shops area and possible white lining of the parking area.
  4. Meeting at Seacroft WMC to discuss funding for the Junior Sharks rugby team
  5. Surgery at Denis Healey centre.


  1. Attended West Yorkshire Combined Authority Scrutiny Board discussing Bus services in the region.
  2. Did surgery with MP 10 cases and 4 from the Ward. Follow up on Monday.


  1. Prepared survey for residents around Kingsdale Court and visited the  residents and asking then about the conditions.
  2. Visited the youth club
  3. Reported a leak in the King George V Gardens to council following request from resident.


  1. Resident in Poole Estate concerned hey are not feeling the benefits from the Hospital development.
  2. Waste Crime strategy to share…
  3. Attended Council Scrutiny Board Strategy and Resources – discussing social value and procurement and the budgets.
  4. Two matters raised at surgery at LS14 Trust.
  5. Discussed ASB with security officers at Seacroft Tesco’s.

Cllr David Jenkins

David Jenkins
David Jenkins
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