NHS - Leeds Community Health - NH S Trust
NHS - Leeds Community Health - NH S Trust

Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust provides a Community Dental Service for children and adults whose dental treatment needs cannot be met by their regular NHS dentist. 

When you feel ready, you can complete the questionnaire online at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LCHCommunityDentYal

We are a referral-only service, which means that a healthcare professional (e.g.
family dentist, GP or 0-19 Specialist Public Health Nurse) or social care
professional will send you to us for an assessment appointment.

It is important that we deliver community dental services from places that are easily accessible and best meet patients’ needs. We think that we can improve the Community Dental Services by making some changes.

This leaflet tells you what we want to do and why. We would like to know what you think about these changes and there’s a questionnaire at the end of this leaflet to help you.

Dental work
Dental work

When you feel ready, you can complete the questionnaire online at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LCHCommunityDentYal

How the service works now

First appointments are always at one of our assessment centres:

Beeston Community Clinic for children under 16 or The Reginald
Centre in Chapeltown for adults.

If you need any further treatment, appointments are offered between
8.45 am and 5 pm at one of our five clinics across Leeds, based on need
and the equipment available at each site:

  1. Armley Moor Health Centre 95 Town Street, Armley LS12 3HD
  2. Beeston Community Clinic 123 Cemetery Road, Beeston LS11 8LH
  3. Middleton Health Centre Acre Close, Middleton LS10 4HT
  4. The Reginald Centre 263 Chapeltown Road, Leeds LS7 3EX
  5. Yeadon Clinic 17 South View Road, Yeadon LS19 7PS

How we would like the service to work

We want to give you the best care possible by offering convenient appointments with our dental experts, in fit-for-purpose clinics which have specialist equipment to meet specific patient needs.

We will look at extended opening times and introduce new services:

  • We will offer sedative injections alongside our existing gas and air sedation for patients who are nervous about treatment. This will mean that fewer people need to go to a hospital for treatment under a general anaesthetic.
  • We will develop our home/domiciliary care offer to support patients who find it difficult to attend a dental clinic and look at ways we can provide this.

To allow us to make these service improvements and make the best use of staff time, we need to base our clinics at fewer sites.

Leeds Area
Leeds Area

When you feel ready, you can complete the questionnaire online at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LCHCommunityDentYal

Why we need to change

Leeds Community Healthcare, like the rest of the NHS, is reviewing how we provide the best possible care within the resources we have available.

Our thinking about our specialist Community Dental Services has been influenced by conversations we had with patients in Leeds during 2017. We learned that:

  • Most patients were willing to travel for additional specialist treatment.
  • Patients would like to see reduced waiting times between appointments. This was more important to people with extreme dental anxiety, who were willing to travel if this meant quicker access to services.
  • Seeing the same dentist and team was important.

We believe that by offering expert-led,  age-appropriate assessment clinics from two sites for new patients and delivering specialist community dental clinics for further  appointments from three sites will:

  • Provide access to all the specialist dental experts you need to see for your assessment and start of treatment under one roof.
  • Allow us to deliver a full range of dental services from the best buildings available to us, with increased access to resources and specialist equipment for e.g. hoists and gas and air sedation.
  • Make the best use of our staff time so they can be in the right place, at the right time to meet your needs in the best way possible.

What changes are we proposing?

1. Relocate existing assessment clinics

First appointments with children would relocate to The Reginald Centre in Chapeltown because it is being developed as a children’s services hub and may already be familiar to our younger patients.
First appointments for adults would relocate to Middleton Health Centre because this clinic is on the ground floor and is easily accessible by wheelchair.

2. Three specialised Community Dental Clinics

We know that we can still offer the same number of appointments as we do now from fewer clinics. Three sites would be open every day and equipped to treat a wider range of patients, but some would still need to travel to the clinic which best meets their
individual needs.

The three dental clinic sites would be:

  • The Reginald Centre in Chapeltown,
  • Yeadon Clinic in Yeadon
  • Middleton Health Centre.
The Regional Centre - Yeadon Clinic - Middleton Health Centre
The Regional Centre - Yeadon Clinic - Middleton Health Centre

3. New opening times

We are considering changing our clinic opening times to offer more flexibility and some Saturday mornings. We would like to know what you think would best meet your needs – please tell us when you complete the questionnaire.

What would these changes mean?

  • Patients will still have access to the same level of expert care from the same healthcare professionals.

Meeting your needs

We are confident The Reginald Centre, Middleton Health Centre and Yeadon Clinic are the best possible options to deliver Community Dental service from as they are modern, accessible buildings and have the right resources to provide the full range of services and meet patient demand and need.

We also checked that their locations are right for our patients and made sure we met the requirements of the Equality Act.

  • The same number of appointments will be available and waiting times will not increase.
  • Patients will still have their first appointment at an assessment centre suitable to their age group.
  • Further appointments, dependent on treatment plans, would then be offered at the specialised community dental clinic which best meets a patient’s needs.
  • We would close community dental clinics at Armley and Beeston.
  • Three clinics open every day.

What do you think?

Do our proposals and our reasons for making these changes feel right to you? Are you confident that the people of Leeds will benefit from the improved services even if there are fewer clinic locations?

We would really welcome your views and feedback or other ideas you have. You can complete the questionnaire online at:


All feedback we receive will be used to assess how well our plans will meet patients’ needs and to consider any possible adjustments to the changes.

If you would like to provide more in-depth feedback we’ll be holding drop-in sessions about the proposals on the following dates:

Tues 2 July, 9 -11 am – Room BF44, Beeston Community Clinic
Tues 2 July, 3 – 5 pm – Meeting Room 1 and 2, The Reginald Centre
Fri 5 July, 2 – 4 pm – Room AS05, Armley Moor Health Centre
Fri 5 July, 10 am – 12 pm – Room A and B, Middleton Health Centre
Mon 8 July, 9 -11 am – Therapy Room, Yeadon Clinic

What happens next?

The deadline for you to respond and tell us what you think about our proposals is 26 July 2019. All feedback we receive will be considered before any final decisions are made. Results and feedback will also be put on our website:

www.leedscommunityhealthcare.nhs.uk/ in early August.

Clinic – Bus numbers – Approximate journey time from the city centre
Yeadon- 34, 97, 757 – 45 minutes
Middleton – 2, 13A – 25 minutes
Reginal – 2, 36 -6 minutes
(Please allow more time to travel to the clinic during rush hour)

Bus numbers and routes can change please visit:
or call MetroLine on 0113 245 7676 before making your journey.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the information in this leaflet please either speak to a member of the service or contact the Patient Experience Team at Leeds Community Healthcare on tel: 0113 220 8585 email lch.pet@nhs.net

When you feel ready, you can complete the questionnaire online at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LCHCommunityDentYal

Message from Katie Dye, David Jenkins and Paul Drinkwater, Labour Councillors for Killingbeck and Seacroft.

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